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Unlock the full potential of your research with Dionamix's advanced analytical instruments

Dionamix is a company that designs and manufactures scientific analytical instruments for the life science industry. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, we provide advanced instruments like HPLC systems and spectrophotometers, which enable precise analysis and quantification of complex biological samples in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and environmental monitoring.  Its instrument are designed to deliver accurate and reliable data to researchers and scientists in the life science industry. Dionamix is currently working with a renowned world-class research instution to develop an innovative lipid nanoparticle lab solution, aimed at revolutionizing the field of drug delivery.

Start gaining competitive advantage with reliable analytical instrumentation and solutions.

Real-Time Data

Make informed decisions that lead to breakthrough discoveries

Efficient Data Management

Store, organize, and access data in a way that is reliable and easily accessible

Accurate Results

Maintain public trust in scientific research and the healthcare industry

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Dionamix Scientific's analytical instruments have a wide range of applications in the life science industry. Our instruments are used in drug discovery, food safety testing, potency analysis required by precision agriculture and herbal medicine, and more to provide scientists with real-time data to achieve advancements in their research. 

Innovative Product

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Analytical Software

Dionamix Scientific offers analytical software solutions that support scientists to analyze data more efficiently and accurately. Our software provides advanced data processing and analysis capabilities, enabling researchers to reduce time and effort required for data analysis and enables researchers to focus on research goals. 

Chromatography Workstation

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Training and Support

Dionamix also offers comprehensive support and training programs, including onsite installation and ongoing technical support to ensure our customers are able to use our instruments effectively. We are dedicated to advancing scientific research and discovery.