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Ensure your cannabis products are safe, effective and compliant with industry standard and regulations with Dionamix Scientific. Whether you manufacture or process cannabis, there is a challenge of delivering consistent high-quality products, meeting regulations, and increasing the production volume. Our cannabis experts are here to help you implement a system that works for you and your company.

Start gaining competitive advantage with reliable analytical instrumentation and solutions.


Stop going to third-party labs and build your own. Get real-time data at your convenience. High-performance liquid chromatography is the golden industry standard for potency determination. It identifies and measures cannabinoid content in a single analysis.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Get to know and feed your plant's desired needs. Eliminate the chance of harvesting poor crops and guesswork done in the growth cycle of your plant. Quantify the nutrient needs by strain or technique to make minor or major adjustments for quality and consistency in your end product. 

PCR Gender Testing

Eliminate non-flowering plants in early stages of the plant cycle. By isolating the female seedlings, they will eventually grow much larger and seedless buds. 

Potency & Cannabinoids

Accurately determine and quantify cannabinoids with near real-time results. The scientific data collected will allow you to make time critical decisions.

Data Info Management

Capture, produce test reports, analyze trends, manage processes and personal in accordance to local cannabis regulations or ISO 17025 standards.


Determine nutrient content fluctuations and identify nutrient imbalances to identify optimal nutrient levels and ensure equal nutrient distribution.

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The collection and analyzation of data obtained from various stages of cannabis cultivation, processing and production. Learn more about how Dionamix Scientific Inc can help you in cannabis testing.

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Our Products & Services

Explore Dionamix's offering on HPLC and UV-VIS Spectrophotometer systems and solutions. Our analytical instruments are suitable for a broad range of cannabinoid potency identification, purification, nutrient testing and other workflows

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