About us

Delivering Innovative Chemical Analytical Instrumentation

Dionamix Scientific designs and manufactures IP rich, chromatography and spectroscopy analytical instruments with over 10 years of delivering product innovation.  

Key Patents:  

2019 – HPLC electromagnetic valve design provides simplified method for mixing mobile phase.
2017 – Liquid Chromatograph check valve design that can withstand greater than 90 MPa pressures used in high performance liquid chromatography system. 
2016 – Diode array detector sensor and digital signal processor with unique clock timing synchronization algorithm to improve detector communications. 
2015 – High performance liquid chromatography detector that reduces influence of heat on light path and sensor, improving test result accuracy
2015 – HPLC analytical workstation software processing algorithm to accurately detect chromatographic peaks in sequence of peaks. 
2014 – Liquid Chromatograph gradient valve control circuit and method for improving mobile phase mixing ratio accuracy.
2013 – Liquid Chromatograph injection pump with gradient valve using a proprietary control method to calibrate and adjust mixing ratio of the mobile phase. 
2012 – Auto sampler needle system to facilitate extracting samples accurately from bottles of varying heights and avoid cross contamination.
2012 – Chromatographic data sampling and processing method.
2012 – Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, design inventions that improve light sources lifespan and with improved sample mechanical handling maintenance. 
2010 – Liquid Chromatography high pressure damper cavity that improves damping effect over wider pressure range and facilitates reduced system cleaning times. 
2009 – Liquid phase measurement device with High Signal to noise ratio. 
2009 – Liquid Chromatography light switching and grating mechanism to improve precision light source alignment adjustment and positioning accuracy. 

Our objective is to provide solutions for analytical lab managers, quality and safety focused food, beverage and natural medicine producers, innovative and cost-effective compound analysis.  We are a global team passionate about innovation, quality and superior customer service.

Our solutions are optimized for the small to medium scale operation. You know your product – Dionamix knows sample separation and analysis. Together, get the details to determine the concentrations, quality and safety of your produce.

We are official supplier to Bureau Veritas and University of British Columbia