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Gender Testing Benefits

Both male and female cannabis plants have unique characteristics and different purposes. For example, male plants do not contain the high levels of THC, but the glands that produce the resin contain moderate levels of cannabinoids. It is important to identify good quality males that can be used for future breeding purposes and strain diversification.

By identifying the sex of the seed and isolating feminized seeds, it brings great value to the cultivator. These benefits include:

  • Stronger flavour and higher potency Increase your

  • ROI each harvest and produce greater yields

  • Exceptional resin production

  • Streamline and accelerate your phenotype hunts

Female cannabis plants that are isolated from males produce excessive amounts of resin to trap pollen. This increases the psychoactive components of the cannabis plant. With PCR gender testing, you can cultivate seedless crops, save labor and resources and ultimately grow marijuana safely and sustainably for the community.