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What is Cannalytics?

Cannabis cultivation and production analytics

Analytics is the process of extracting useful information out of data. Cannalytics is a term used to refer to collecting and analyzing data obtained from various stages of cannabis cultivation, processing and production. Dionamix specializes in Cannabis testing including cannabinoid determination, plant growing medium nutrient concentration, regulatory test reports and quality assurance requirements and processes.

Why in-house data analytics makes sense? 

Eliminate guesswork and make time critical decisions.

Optimize growing conditions for specific strains and phenotypes.

Implement data driven Quality Assurance to deliver consistent sought after products.

Maximize cannabinoid production and process efficiencies.

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Cannabinoids & Potency

Accurately determine and quantify cannabinoids with near real time results. Make time critical decisions to optimize cannabinoid THC & CBD production.

Monitor and determine harvest timing, curing process and inventory storage

Optimize productivity of specific strains or phenotypes.

Ensure Quality and Consistency

 Based on industry standard cannabinoid testing method. 

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Nutrient Content

Analyze the primary NPK and secondary nutrient content in a given growing medium quickly and accurately. 

Use real time test result data to make on the fly nutrient adjustments.

Determine nutrient content fluctuations and identify nutrient imbalances. 

Ensure equal nutrient distribution across large crops. 

Identify optimal nutrient levels for specific strains and phenotypes. 

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Data Info Management

Capture data, produce test reports, analyze trends, manage processes and personal in accordance with local cannabis regulations or ISO 17025 standards

Designed for cannabis testing

Store records for regulatory auditing purposes

Cloud/ Web based platform minimizes overhead. Client hosted installation available.

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