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Cut Down Your Operating Expenses With In-House Testing

There are many similarities between the cannabis industry and other sectors including agriculture, retail and pharmaceuticals. Customers want products to be safe, reliable and to match what is described on the packaging.

In addition to meeting federal and state/provincial standards, routine testing may safeguard your business from customer frustration and preserve its reputation of offering high quality and consistent products. Customers will have a trustworthy and homogenous experience when a product is consistently high in quality and uniform. By testing routinely, it will provide superior brand-building and growth opportunities for the business.

You must send samples of your product to a licensed third-party contract laboratory for federally-mandated testing or you can do it at the comfort of your own lab. You will often run into situations during the production process where decisions must be made on the fly because you cannot afford to wait for results from third-party and off-site laboratory. Using in-house potency and nutrient testing will allow you to make these real-time decisions in areas such as:

  • Supporting price negotiations

  • Quality and consistency issues

  • Identifying the optimal time to harvest a crop

  • Validating the precision of incoming products to ensure accuracy

In-house testing provides not only COA's but also access to real-time data for cultivation and business critical decisions. The cannabinoid profiles offer detailed insights on a strain's optimal growth conditions and/or data to hunt specific phenotypes. Third party lab COA turnaround times and cost prohibits experimentation and accelerate time to market, in-house testing eliminates these issues while delivering $100's per test OPEX savings.