Ultrachrom Chromatography and HPLC Workstation Analysis Software

Ultrachrom HPLC Workstation Analysis Software

Ultrachrom is Dionamix’s proprietary HPLC workstation software solution that integrates with the L-3000 series chromatography instrumentation. Ultrachrom software controls, sets up the analytical methods, acquires data, process and generate Chromatography reports all in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11/GMP/GLP. 

HPLC Analysis Method. System control, monitor and method execution

HPLC Analysis Method

Setup and monitor system parameters, solvent, sampler, column temperatures, pump and detector. Define and execute analysis method. 

Dionamix HPLC Automatic Peak Integration Algorithm

Chromatography Peak Integration

Ultrachrom uses unique advanced automatic peak detect algorithm, to  produce accurate high-resolution sample chromatogram

Dionamix HPLC Chromatography Report

Chromatography Report

Build custom reports and save to Pdf or email electronically

Dionamix HPLC Analysis Method Setup

HPLC Analysis Method Setup

Setup control parameters, mobile phase ratio, flow, volume, column and detector wavelength specific to analysis being performed

Dionamix Autosampler Sequence Setup

Auto Sampler Sequence

Configure sample sequence, injection parameters and wash mode

Dionamix HPLC System Configuration and GMP GLP Compliance Setup

HPLC System Configuration

Configure HPLC instruments, GLP settings, manage user accounts and track results